Frequently Asked Questions

Scott/Bourbon Counties Habitat for Humanity (SBCHFH) is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI). As an “affiliate” we are an independent non-profit organization that works to continue the mission of HFHI in our local community. We are an ecumenical Christian ministry partnering with volunteers and donors to eliminate substandard housing. Families in need achieve homeownership by purchasing simple, decent affordable homes they help build with community partners.

SBCHFH serves hard-working, low-income families who are currently living in sub-standard and/or overcrowded conditions, or who cannot afford their current housing payment based on their income. These families must meet Habitat homeownership requirements which are outlined in the “Own a Home” section of our website. We target families who earn between 30 – 60 percent of the median income in our community.

SBCHFH builds in Scott and Bourbon counties. In these two counties, we build where we have either been donated land or where we are able to purchase lots affordably. Finding suitable lots has grown increasingly more difficult in both Scott and Bourbon county, and we continually look for affordable sites. If you are interested in donating or selling land please contact us at 502-868-1050.

Scott/Bourbon Counties Habitat’s Family Selection Committee carefully screens applicants. Families are chosen on the basis of need, ability to repay a mortgage for 20-30 years, and willingness to provide 250 hours of sweat equity. Additional requirements are that applicants must live or work in Scott or Bourbon county for a minimum of twelve months prior to filing the application, have a steady source of income for two years prior to filing the application or one year if employed by the same employer for one year and have a total household income that does not exceed 60 percent of the median income for similar families in the area.

No. Habitat is a “hand up”, not a handout. As an investment in their homes, our partner families agree to provide 250-500 hours (depending on family size) of sweat equity. This includes working on their own home or other Habitat homes and attending workshops on subjects like home and yard maintenance and budgeting.

Each family has an affordable mortgage that is repaid over twenty to thirty years. The family only pays the first note unless they refinance or sell their home. If the home is sold or re-financed both notes are then due. The home is fully owned by the family at the end of the mortgage period. If the house is sold at any time during the mortgage period, SCHFH has the right of first refusal and will receive a percentage of any profit made from the sale. The intention is to provide a simple, decent, affordable home for our partner families.

No cash down payment is required, but recipients must be able to save for their first year’s homeowner insurance and escrow for taxes and contribute sweat equity in service to Scott/Bourbon Counties Habitat (working on their own home, helping with other Habitat houses and attending workshops).

Yes. We require attendance at classes in budgeting, money management, home and yard maintenance, legal issues related to homeownership and many others. We want to help ensure our Partner Families are as prepared as possible for the responsibilities of homeownership.

Yes. Scott/Bourbon Counties Habitat builds only in Scott and Bourbon counties, however, as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, SBCHFH tithes toward Habitat building projects in other countries.

Individuals, corporations, our faith community, civic organizations, grants, and foundations all come together to fund and build the Habitat houses.  Other sources of income include mortgage payments made by current Habitat homeowners.

SBCHFH has a local board of directors who donate their time and talents to improve our community. This board sets policies, establishes annual goals and ensures that SBCHFH activities remain true to its mission. As financial stewards they monitor the ethical standards in SBCHFH accounting practices.  Approximately 3 full-time and a dozen volunteers carry out daily tasks of the organization.

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