Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity FAQ

What is Sweat Equity?

Sweat equity is the partner family's non-cash contribution toward the building of their home. It is a recognition of each Partner Family's commitment to future Habitat homeownership.

Who does Sweat Equity?

Partner families are responsible for providing sweat equity hours toward their house.

How much Sweat Equity is required?

500 hours of sweat equity are required of each adult in the hosuehold who are 18 years old and older. No more than 500 hours will be required of any family.

What are common types of sweat equity activities?

  • Attendance at designated meetings and workshops, including budgeting and home maintenance classes.
  • Construction of Habitat homes
  • Work in the Scott County Habitat office or Habitat ReStore
  • Specified community events/activities

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