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Our Committees

Scott County Habitat for Humanity has its officers, Executive Director, office staff, and our ReStore and Warehouse managers. Yet our Committees carry out the bulk of the work that makes SCHFH the success we are. Here is a summary of our committees' work.

Nominating Committee

This committee proposes the slates of candidates for offices and committee assignments at our annual meeting. Its members must be persons with proven track records with our affiliate, who know our personnel.

Fundraising Committee

This committee plans and coordinates fundraising activities. If you are experienced in this area, we always can use talent here. Click here to go to the national website to see some of Habitat for Humanity Internationals' programs–but be sure to click on the main tab, "Support Habitat," which has a full drop-down menu.

Site Selection Committee

This committee determines where the affiliate should build, finds available property in these areas, and recommends the purchase of these properties. The committee also must work with city officials, neighborhood associations, and property owners. This includes assuring that the necessary utilities are available and that zoning ordinances will permit the construction of the home. With the help of the Construction Committee they determine if the selected property is appropriate for building.

Finance Committee

This committee oversees financial transactions (receipts and expenditures), and maintains appropriate records.

Construction Committee

This committee is one of our most important. If you have experience as a construction owner, expert laborer, etc, you will find GREAT pleasure in working on this committee. All our "on-the-ground" outcomes happen as a direct result of this committee's work, which includes:

  • Collaboration with Site Selection Committee (suitability for build)
  • Development and Presentation of Plans for homes
  • Drawings and Bills of Materials
  • Coordination of Construction Process
  • Organization of Volunteers
  • Contracting Process
Family Selection and Nurture Committee

This committee also has a very important function. Competition for our homes is stiff. This committee selects the best-qualified family, then coaches them through their first year of home ownership. If you are a financial planner, social worker, family counselor, or other related professional, this committee will value your knowledge and help.

Church and Public Relations Committee

This committee cultivates relationships with existing, new, and prospective churches, who want to fulfill Jesus' command to "Love your neighbor as yourself" and other religious duties. If you are a pastor, serve on a church board or committee, or are a committed lay member, consider bringing your church into our circle of love!

Mortgage Management Committee

This committee works closely with partner families having financial problems and their mortgage broker to prevent foreclosure.

ReStore Committee

This committee monitors the activities of the ReStore operation and supervises the store manager.


Now that you have read these varied and important groups, you surely have a response as to how you might fit in. YOU have something with which "to build"–including in committee service.

We hope you will consider your talents, education, work experience, and interests–then either call our Office or use our Volunteer Form.

If you know someone else well-suited by knowledge and experience who may be interested in one of our committees, tell them about us. Refer them to this website and this discussion on committee work. Encourage them to join you in this great mission.

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